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Time for TRIM
Posted by Unknown
Friday, June 17, 2011 11:36
Last night I met up with a few colleagues from HP Software, and we had an excellent discussion around TRIM & Vivit.
It was enlightening to me because this has been a product area where my knowledge has been slim until recently, but it's becoming increasingly important in my current job to understand and implement IM.

To that end, we discussed the idea of building up the TRIM SIG in Vivit, and seeing some traction happen with this soon in Canada from an online community as well as local chapter perspective.

Over in the EMEA space, I know there is some activity already underway to align the existing TRIM user community with the Vivit community.  We're helping out there as much as we can. But now we can get the ball rolling over here in Canada as well, and hopefully with EMEA and Canada leading the way, TRIM users the rest of the global community over can join in to share best practices and leverage Vivit for education, community, and advocacy in the TRIM product space.

If you are, or have colleagues who are, TRIM users or are interested in Information Management topics, please sign up for your free Vivit account and get connected with the TRIM SIG.  if you have questions, comments, or other feedback for me and the Vivit team on how we can better serve the needs of the TRIM user community, please send those to me here or via email.


Jason J Kennedy
Director & Chair of Local Chapters & Special Interest Groups, Vivit Worldwide

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