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Opportunities with Vivit
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Monday, April 19, 2021 00:00

Effectively Grow Your Company’s Exposure and Yourself with Vivit

In February 2021, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary with Vivit Worldwide, the largest not-for-profit independent global software user community, who also recently celebrated its 25-year anniversary . Vivit has grown alongside a changing IT landscape.

The growth of Vivit and its membership has been remarkable these last 10 years, from the early days as the Open View Forum user group, then on to the Hewlett Packard user group, to HPE and now Micro Focus. Over this time, the Local User Groups (LUGs) have grown from 55 to 88 and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have grown from 3 to 22. The biggest growth is seen in Vivit membership, jumping from 12,000 to almost 35,000. With blurred lines between competition and the transformation within the global software market, Vivit is now open to to all software users and companies. 

Vivit Directors, Vivit Leaders and Members at large have grown their careers and leadership skills to new heights during this time, through the exposure Vivit brings to its members. The opportunities to get involved, to name a few, are joining the speaker’s bureau , become a Vivit LUG or SIG Leader, moderate webinars, blogs and more. The networking opportunities are endless.

Partner and software companies also have the same great opportunities for exposure.  Our newest offering is a company sponsorship. The Vivit LUGs are currently open to partnering on virtual LUG events through sponsorship. Other ways to reach the Vivit members globally or regionally is with Vivit Customer Awareness Program (CAP) service offerings like webinars, podcasts, eblasts, newsletter articles and more. The most popular CAP services can be found here, and a complete list of services can be found here. The CAP services allow Vivit to offer free membership and keep the doors open.

If you would like to volunteer, learn more about the Vivit CAP program, share a blog, have ideas or feedback to submit, please email us. We greatly value all our members, and we want to hear from you.

Cheers to another 25 years!

Stephanie Konkoy
Vivit Engagement Director

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