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Vivit Carolinas Chapter Update - May 2011
Posted by Mark Ford
Wednesday, July 06, 2011 13:11

Vivit Carolinas Chapter Update - May 2011

Dear Chapter Members, Partners, and friends of Vivit,

Carolinas​ Chapter - 2011 Events

We still plan to hold two more Chapter Events in 2011. We're targeting late July for the next event and plan to include items from the HP Discover conference, a product presentation or two and time for break-out networking sessions. Stay tuned for more details. From the survey responses we received there is a strong desire for end user presentations so if you have a topic you’d like to present please contact one of the chapter leaders today!

Are you attending HP Discover?

If you are attending this summer's HP Discover conference, please let chapter leaders Jim Copio and/or Mark Ford know. They will both be at the conference and can help make sure you get plugged in to all of the Vivit related events. There is a lot going on that you won't want to miss such as the Vivit Annual Meeting and Vivit Roundtables. Be sure to stop by the Vivit booth on the showroom floor and meet other chapter leaders and members as well. There's still time to register for HP Discover and take advantage of all the activities plus in-depth Vivit sponsored training and free HP Certification training as well.

Follow the HP Discover Conference on Twitter

Whether you attend HP Discover or not you can stay up to date on news and info by following these Twitter accounts: @VivitCarolinas, @VivitWorldwide, and of course @HPDiscover. There will also be plenty of blogs available on HP's blog site.

Items from Vivit Worldwide:

Vivit Worldwide Social Media

We are ramping up our social media efforts to further promote collaboration and information-sharing between Vivit members. As you know, we have a ​Vivit LinkedIN group with about 800 members. We also have a Twitter account: @VivitWorldwide. Please be sure to follow us.​

Vivit Board Member Elections

As you may know, the expected election conclusion date has come and gone; however, we were not able to meet our quorum by this time. So as a result, we’re extending the elections until the quorum is met. Legally, we cannot close the election until at least 10% of our eligible members have voted. If you haven't already done so, please cast your vote at:​​


We are always interested in your feedback and like to know your opinions on how Vivit can best serve your needs as members. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you have any suggestions or advice for us, or if you’d like to share something with your fellow members.


Jim Copio
Mark Ford
Paul Edmunds

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