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Digital Learning – a content rich, affordable and no hassle learning experience
Posted by Unknown
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 19:26

In a digital economy, the rate of learning must be greater than or equal to the rate of change  for an organization to be competitive.  Comprehensive training has been shown to dramatically increase profit margins (by up to 24%), reduce support costs and boost productivity - yet people struggle to find the time to advance schedule, budget and ultimately attend a training class.

Digital Learning helps overcome these barriers as it’s hosted and self-paced with anytime, anywhere availability.  The expert content includes audio narrative that enhances the training experience and deepens the learning.  See a short demo of a new Digital Learning course by watching this video and read more details about the training in the software education blog.   

You can find the newest Digital Learning courses in the Digital course catalog, and more courses will be added monthly going forward. No matter if you need to train an individual or a team – Digital Learning is an easy way to build the skills to succeed. 

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