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Register for HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas through Vivit!
Posted by Unknown
Friday, March 06, 2015 15:50

Time To Register for HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas!


Are you planning on going to HP Discover this spring?  If so, please use this link to register -  Using this link will save you $300 off the price of admission and Vivit will get credit for driving attendance.  This link is exclusive to Vivit members only, so please make sure you use it when registering for the conference.

In recent years, Vivit has been a strong driver for these conferences and can claim credit for thousands of attendees.  Let's continue the trend and have a strong showing of Vivit members.

Having attended several of these conferences in the past, I can say that these things never cease to amaze.  Furthermore, it's a great opportunity to learn what's next for the HP products that your organization uses, as well as to meet with some of the products' key decision makers and influencers.  So if there are questions that you're dying to ask HP or its partner community, there won't be a better chance than this to ask it (until next year, I guess).

Anyway, I hope to see you all there.


Colin W. Fries

St. Louis Chapter Leader

Secretary, Vivit Board of Directors

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