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Validata Group is the leader in Enterprise Software Testing and Release Automation, helping clients accelerate application delivery, optimise business risks and reduce testing times and costs.

Until now organisations have been forced to bolt together a number of specialised tools from different suppliers in order to achieve anything close to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).   Validata’s Agile ALM platform is a robust solution built from the ground up, to bring together requirements, testing, defects, planning, resources, development and deployment, capable of integrating with external systems such as HP QC, CA Clarity, IBM RTM, Atlassian Jira etc, delivering a ‘single version of the truth’ and enabling continuous delivery, integration and monitoring.  

Validata’s model-based approach enables the automatic generation of test cases and eliminates the high maintenance costs of traditional script-based test automation. By automating the impact analysis process and through the automatically generated scripts, it focuses your efforts on what to test and what scenario to test it with. Our clients speed up deployment, allow more to be delivered for the same cost and are able to implement, simulate and test systems that conventional virtualisation fails to address.


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Process/Job Scheduling/Orchestration
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