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Agile Requirements Designer
Test Automation Framework, ALM for the Enterprise, Test Management tools, Behaviour-Driven Development, Agile Management, Test Design support, Integrated test tool suite, ALM - lightweight, Test Case Design, Process Modelling, Automated Test Generation, Software Design/Modelling Tool, Requirements Management, Model Based Testing, Test "Matching", Requirements gathering / formal modelling, Cost & Complexity analysis, Automated test case design, Optimize existing test cases, Automatically update test cases / implement change, Manage test data (link to requirements and test cases), Manage virtual data (link to requirements and test cases), Automation script generation, Populate agile storyboards and backlogs, Link test cases to expected results, Share and re-use test cases and data, Export test cases as automated tests
CA Application Test
Test Execution
CA File Master Plus
Test data mgt/generation
CA Mobile Analytics
Visualisation Tools, Dashboard, Graph Editor, Mobile App Analytics
CA Release Automation
Programming Language
CA Service Virtualization
Virtualization env/tools, Web services test tools, Integrated test tool suite, Mobile Device (phones/tablets) testing, Visualisation Tools, Stub/Mock/Simulator, Dashboard, Graph Editor, Services Development Framework, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Load/Performance Testing, Virtualization (i.e. creating virtual R/R pairs)
CA Test Data Manager
ALM for the Enterprise, Virtualization env/tools, Database management utilities, Test data mgt/generation, Security tools/analysers, ALM - lightweight, Visualisation Tools, Data Collection Parse Enrichment, Database Management System (DBMS), ALM, Data Analysis, Database/Data Management, Data cloning, Data profiling, Data sub-setting, Data visualisation, Coverage analysis, Synthetic data generation, Test "Matching", Test Data Warehouse/Warehousing, Virtualization (i.e. creating virtual R/R pairs), Data mining/discovery, Version control/Data Inheritance, Self-service, automated data provisioning, Manage test data (link to requirements and test cases), Manage virtual data (link to requirements and test cases), Share and re-use test cases and data
CA-Verify for CICS
Test Execution, Mainframe Interactive Testing (e.g.TSO/ISPF)
CA-Verify for VTAM
Test Execution, Mainframe Interactive Testing (e.g.TSO/ISPF)
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