Special Interest Group: DevOps
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Group Leadership

SIG Leader: Rafael Paz

SIG Leader: Syed Husain

SIG Leader: Ron Franklin

SIG Champion: Francesco Colavita

 DevOps SIG

DevOps is a new term describing a major transformation in the way software delivery is perceived. No longer are development and operations seen as separate silos in the software development life cycle. In our increasingly service-oriented world, collaboration between development and operations engineers through all stages of the development cycle and production support has become increasingly important to the success of enterprise software applications.

Your Vivit DevOps SIG is here to provide tools to successfully participate in this transformative technology.

As we move forward, the DevOps SIG has identified the following core pillars for success:

  • Culture
  • Tools
  • Applications / use cases

Each webinar will be geared toward these pillars and each will be designed with a “take-away”; something tangible to apply to your DevOps endeavors and add to your toolkit. Your DevOps SIG leaders are excited to be part of this transformative technology and we invite and welcome you to be part of this journey with us.

Connect With Your DevOps SIG Leader(s):
Francesco Colavita   francesco.colavita@microfocus.com
Ron Franklin ronfranklin@flash.net
Syed Husain shusain@adarsaservices.com
Rafael Paz rafael@qasystems.us

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